hackBCA II

The easiest way to learn to code.

March 28th - 29th, 2015 // Hackensack, NJ

Everyone is welcome

No experience needed.

hackBCA is open to all high school students.

Spend 24 hours turning an idea into reality.


March 28-29, 2015. 3pm to 3pm.


The Bergen County Academies High School, Hackensack NJ (The NJTransit 175 bus from NYC GW Bridge Bus Terminal stops right in front of BCA.)


What is hackBCA?

hackBCA II is one of the biggest high school hackathons in the nation! The purpose of this hackathon is to give high school students an easy way to learn how to code. Experienced hackers can also come and learn about new technologies that they can use. Check out an article about us on NJ.com!

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event in which teams spend the weekend building something awesome (and then demo it). hackBCA is open to anyone, from the absolute beginner to the professional hacker. Check out Dave Fontenot's post on "What is a hackathon?"

What if I don't know how to code?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Hackathons provide an awesome opportunity for people to learn how to code. Even if you have never programmed before in your life, we will help you get started with the basics of programming and hopefully by the end of the hackathon, you will leave with a working application!

How and when do I submit my hack?

You must submit your hack by 11:00am on Sunday, but can still work on them after 11. We will send an email with more information on Sunday. Please do not start your project before the hackathon begins.

What should I bring? How much does this event cost?

You should bring your laptop (we won't provide computers) and charger, school ID, phone and charger, and power strips (recommended). Food will be provided! This event costs absolutely nothing!

Who can attend and how do the teams work?

Any students in high school can attend! You do not have to be from the US. If you need help convincing your parents, contact us at [email protected]. You can work individually or with a team. For more information, check out our rules.

I know a company that wants to sponsor, what should I tell them?

Great! Tell them to contact us at [email protected]

Can I be a mentor at hackBCA II?

Definitely! Simply click the mentor registration button above and enter your information to be registered.

I have another question! How should I ask?

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] Additionally, check out our rules at hackbca.com/rules.

Special Guests

Tom Lehman


Co-founder and CEO of Genius

Laurie Stach


Program Manager of High School Education, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship

Eliot Horowitz


Cofounder of MongoDB

Amanda Pouchot


Co-Founder of Levo League and Together10

Alex Iskold


Managing Director at Techstars NYC

Chris Castiglione


Co-Founder and Head of Content at One Month


Saturday, March 28th 2015

3:00 PM -

Registration Starts @ The Main Entrance

4:00 PM -

Opening Ceremony (Kickoff and API Demos) @ The Auditorium

5:30 PM -

Opening Ceremony Ends and Hacking Begins

5:40 PM -

Intro to HTML & CSS Workshop by Flatiron School @ The Auditorium

5:40 PM -

Get Started with iOS Development by MakeSchool @ Room 110

5:40 PM -

Intro to Machine Learning by Baris Yuksel @ Room 134

7:15 PM -

Dinner @ The Lower Caf (Chipotle, Kebabs, Thai)

6:40 PM -

Best Practices to Good App Development by Apple @ Room 110

7:00 PM -

Intro to Web Development (Flask) @ Room 110

7:15 PM -

Putting Your Website on the Internet by Yash Gurditta @ Room 134

7:45 PM -

Intro to iOS Development by MakeSchool @ The Auditorium

7:45 PM -

Hardware Hacking Essentials by Rick Anderson @ Room 110

8:30 PM -

Get Started with ActiveFloor by Brett Kuehner @ Room 134

10:00 PM -

Stacked Overflow Hacker Game @ The Lower Caf

11:00 PM -

Milk and Cookies @ The Gym

Sunday, March 29th 2015

1:00 AM -

Pizza @ The Lower Caf Sponsored by Rough Draft Ventures

2:30 AM to 6:00 AM -

Smash Tournament @ The Lower Caf

7:30 AM -

Breakfast @ The Gym (Bagels and Pastries)

11:00 AM -

Projects must be submitted to Challenge Post

11:30 PM -

Lunch @ The Gym - Sandwiches and Pasta

12:00 PM -

Demos Begin @ Gym and Upper Caf

2:00 PM -

Demos End, Final Ceremony @ The Auditorium

3:00 PM -

Thanks for hacking with us! Remember to check out at Registration desk before leaving